Soybean Update

Most normal soybeans have been planted and have good stands. {click here for details on late and Ultra Late planting} Now, we must look for pests that could reduce yields.

Yesterday, I found one that usually we don’t see until later in the year – the Three Cornered Alfalfa Hopper. These can really hurt yields because the plant will break off just above ground level. The Three Cornered Alfalfa Hopper will girdle the stem on both soybeans and peanuts causing the stem to break off or not produce the maximum yield. Growers may want to put the insecticide of their choice out when they spray their Liberty or RoundUp.

Three Cornered Alfalfa Hopper up close

Another shot of the Three Cornered Alfalfa Hopper

If you can find Liberty, the AGS 5911 LL is still a good choice for planting now and Ultra Late. Last year in Brooks County AGS5911 LL was planted on July 15, 2011 and did 47 bu/acre and AGS Woodruff did 53.

Watch for more updates to come. John Woodruff will be helping develop a plan for 100 bu/acre soybeans. It appears if you have a good stand keep the plant healthy and growing through the V stages, and yield enhancement will start around R-1. The advice is not to make the plant grow too fast during V growth (do not add fertilizer until R stages) because it will be weak stemed  (too long nodes) and may lodge.

Good Growing!

** Follow label on all pesticides, rinse and dispose of empties properly. Info: Georgia Pest Management Handbook 2012

Soybean Update – Liberty Link & Late Planting

You must have a Liberty license agreement to buy and plant LIBERTY LINK Soybeans, the deadline is soon. Please apply or have your growers apply if you want to get the rebates. Click here to see offer.

Dealers do not need an invitation code to apply for a grower trait license; however, they would need the grower present to use the AgCelerate method because of the questions that are asked to verify the identity of the grower.  The following are steps to obtain a grower trait license.  There are two options available.

1. Go to the LinkUp web site using this link:

2. In the Grower Trait License center box in the lower right hand side of the page click on APPLY FOR A GROWER TRAIT LICENSE AGREEMENT

3. From here there are two options:

A. AgCelerate (new and preferred option including an electronic signature)

B.  Bayer GTL (traditional option, requires a document to be faxed)

In order to search to see if a Grower has a license a Dealer would need a username and password.  Usernames and passwords (seed dealers) to search for licensed growers can be obtained from Jamie MacDonald ( whom I have copied on this email.

Hope this helps, let me know if you have questions.

Late Planting. If you are palning to plant after June 30 please order your beans now and ask your dealer to advise your seedsman to place these late planted beans in cool storage. This will maximize your chance of getting high germing soybeans for your late planting needs. There are several group 5, 6, and 7 group beans that have yielded very well planted late. Look under Resources  for details on Ultra Late planting.

Always follow label directions and  wash all empties completely.

Good Growing!