July 12, 2018

A good fungicide has proven to give a yield increase of 6-8 bu per acre over non-treated soybeans in university test. One spray per season is usally enough. To control  velvetbean caterpillar, and make loopers and stink bugs less of a pest, add Dimlin. Look close at your cotton, peanut, and soybean fields, especially if they are close to a corn field. There have been several generations in your corn already. Group 5-6 soybeans planted in  late May early June are now in R3. (  R-3 = Pods at least 3/16 inch on the fourth node from top of plant )  You lose some effectiveness if you apply too early.

If you have Three Cornered Alfalfa Hopper and/or Stinkbugs,  think about putting in some pesticide.  Watch for Three Cornered Alfalfa Hoppers, Kudzubugs and Stink bugs,  have been found in most fields.  

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Good fungicide at R3 growth stage  **

Dimlin + 1.2 lbs of solubor per acre

Plus (For insect pest)
Acephate (Orthene),   Karate , Brigade ,  etc.     

 If you are trying for high yields now is the time ( R3) to put out 30 pounds of N per acre.

 For info on late planting open hyperlink  plantationseedupdate  when at the BLOG click follow and you will receive updates and be able to see older updates and much more information. You can also click this link for a slideshow on Ultra Late Soybeans 

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**Pesticide information obtained from Georgia Pest Control

    Handbook @    

  *** As always follow label and dispose of empties properly.

Kudzu Bugs and 3-Cornered Alfalfa Hoppers

Yesterday while scouting a field of Late May Planted soybeans, Kudzu Bugs and 3-Cornered Alfalfa Hoppers were both observed. Scout your fields now to check for these Pest.

Please consult your Extension Agent and Chemical Rep for Treatment Recommendations.


Kudzu Bug


Kudzu Bug

3 cornered alfalfa hopper

Three Cornered Alfalfa Hopper

3 cornered damage

Three Cornered Damage

Good Growing,

Jimmy, Lee, Lane, Ethan, and Blake

Soybean Update

Growers need to check their fields for insects NOW. Three cornered Alfalfa Hoppers are really out in full force along with the Kudzu bug. See picture of damage by Three Cornered Alfalfa Hopper and roots forming at damage site. Often the stem will just break with wind or just by walking through the field.

Three Cornered Alfalfa Hopper

Three Cornered Alfalfa Hopper


Three Cornered Alfalfa Hopper

Three Cornered Alfalfa Hopper

Late Planting

AGS 5911 LL is a very good late planted bean and has Liberty tolerance.

There are several group 5, 6, 7, and 8 group beans that have yielded very well planted late. You can read about Ultra Late Planting for details here on the blog.

Always follow label directions and wash all empties completely.

Good Growing!

*Some information obtained from 2014 Georgia Pest Control Handbook,                       Soybean Diagnostic Guide, and Dupont.

*** As always follow label and dispose of empties properly.