Soybean Update

Soybean Planting up until this point has been a challenging adventure. Growers who double cropped behind wheat are anywhere from a couple of weeks behind to a month plus due to adverse small grain harvesting conditions. With that being said, soybeans are very versatile in regards to planting dates. Pictured below is AGS 677LL planted behind Triticale around the 20th of June. They are transitioning from VC to V1 with the first trifoliate making its appearance. Some plants experienced what looks to be J hooking, which is when the cotyledons get stuck below the surface and meet a packed top layer of soil at emergence, causing the middle of the plant to eventually break, abruptly ending the soybean plants life.AGS 677LL was #1 in Tifton OVT @ 65.7 bu/a.Good growing,Jimmy, Lee, Lane, and Blake

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