Soybean Update

Seeding rate is one of the first steps toward a good yield. Soybeans have from 2200 seed per lb to 4500 seed per lb. Do not go by pounds per acre. 30” rows at 8 seed per foot will use 59 pounds per acre of a 2250 seed/lb soybean and only 41.4 pounds per acre of a 3600 seed/lb. soybean. You want about 145,000 seed per acre for normal planting dates.


36” rows 9-10 seed per foot

30” rows 8- 9 seed per foot

21 to 24” rows 6- 7 seed per foot

15 to 16” rows 5- 6 seed per foot

7 ½ to 8” rows 3- 4 seed per foot

Twin peanut type rows 5-7 seed per foot

LATE PLANTING: If you are planning to plant after June 30 please order your beans now and ask your dealer to advise your seedsman to place these late planted beans in cool storage. This will maximize your chance of getting high germing soybeans for your late planting needs. There are several group 5, 6, and 7 beans that have yielded very well planted late.

Always follow label directions and wash all empties completely.

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 AGS 828 RR  # 8 irrigated 2 year State wide Group 7 & 8

AGS 5911 LL # 5 dryland 2014 Tifton Group 5

AGS 738 RR   # 1 irrigated 2 year Tifton Group 7 & 8

Good Growing!

*Some information obtained from 2015 Georgia Pest Control Handbook, Soybean Diagnostic Guide, and Pioneer.

*** As always follow label and dispose of empties properly.

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