Soybean Grower Update

A good fungicide has proven to give a yield increase of 6-8 bu per acre over non-treated soybeans in university test. One spray per season is usally enough. To control velvetbean caterpillar and make loopers and stink bugs less of a pest add Dimlin. This year appears to be a very bad stink bug/Kudzu bug year. Look close at your fields cotton, peanut, and soybean especially if they are close to a harvested corn field because there has been several generations in your corn already. Soybeans planted in early-mid June are now in R3. ( R-3 = Pods at least 3/16 inch on the fourth node from top of plant ) You lose some effectiveness if you apply too early. If you have stink bugs think about putting in some pesticide. Watch for Kudzu bugs I have found them in every field.   For Information go to :

Good fungicide**


   Dimlin + 1.2 lbs of solubor per acre


Acephate (Orthene), Karate , Brigade , etc.

**Pesticide information obtained from Georgia Pest Control Handbook @    


As always follow label and dispose of empties properly.

Good Growing!



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