Soybean Grower Update

I have had several calls about growers with no or very little pods after the plant started blooming. The soybean plant has a main bloom stem that will bloom out first, if no or few pods are set then an auxalary bloom node (at the base of each joint) will form blooms. Often during any type of adverse weather the pods and blooms will abort, this is normal. The soybean plant will continue to make blooms and try to set pods until the growing season is over or the plant/nutreint yield threshold is met.

Please spray with a good fungicide.  One spray per season is usually enough.  A good fungicide has proven to give a yield increase of 6-8 bu/acre over non-treated soybeans in university test. ( R-3 = Pods at least 3/16 inch on the fourth node from top of plant )  This usually occurs about  7 to 10 days after full bloom. You lose some effectiveness if you apply too early. To control  velvetbean caterpillar and make loopers and stink bugs less of a pest add Dimlin. This year appears  to be a very bad stink bug year.  Look close at your soybean, cotton, and peanut fields especially if they are close to a harvested corn field because there has been several generations in your corn already. If you have stink bugs think about putting in some pesticide.  Watch for Kudzu bugs; I have found them in every field.

For more information got to:

Good Fungicide**
Dimlin + 1.2 lbs. of solubor per acre
Acephate (Orthene), Karate, Brigade, etc.

**Pesticide information obtained from Georgia Pest Control Handbook @                    

 *** As always follow label and dispose of empties properly.

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