Wheat Update

Wheat harvest has started and yields in some fields will be over 80 bushels per acre, others will be below 35. Freeze damage can be found in all fields of early and early mid maturing wheat. I have found damage as high as 15% in some fields that headed early. The true mid maturing wheat that got enough cool hours to make heads missed most of the freeze because the head was not as susceptible when the 28 degree nights came.  Freeze damage can be seen in the amount of bacterial Black Chaff found on the heads. If the head is curved and has black margins on the bran then this could be the result of freeze damage and Black Chaff. Low test weight and shriveled kernels will be found in those heads, yields will be impacted. Last year the freeze damage was to the stems and the wheat lodged very badly.  This year it is the wheat head that has the most damage.

Kudzu Bugs, and stink bugs are in all wheat fields.  Looks as if we are in for a bad year on insects a warm January really allowed the insects to survive. 

Good Growing!

*Follow label on all Pesticides, rinse and dispose of empties properly. Info Georgia Pest Management Handbook 2013 

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