Wheat Update

The recent cool weather has slowed down wheat heading. Pioneer 26R10 planted in Nashville, GA around  11-23-2012 (photo #1 below)  shows 26R10 at the Feekes 6.0 stage, the second photo (photo #2 below) shows a joint on the main tiller (left of ruler) at the 1 inch level, the second tiller of that plant (right of ruler) is at  ¾ inch above ground. Once the tiller joints, a head is formed on that tiller. This plant had 5 tillers, three had jointed to date. Pioneer 26R10 and 26R20 are true mid-maturing wheat and will not grow as fast (tiller and head) as wheat like AGS 2060 which is a true early maturing wheat.

Photo #1

Photo #1

Photo #2

Photo #2

You need to spray as late as possible per the label of fungicide used, because  most fungicides do not translocate well in the plant. Do not spray during flowering. We need to protect the head of wheat and the flag leaf during this time.

UOL Extension

Also, please make sure to visit Georgiaweather.com is a great site with a lot of good information.

Good Growing!

 *Follow label on all Pesticides, rinse and dispose of empties properly. Info Georgia Pest Management Handbook 2013 

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