Rust in Oats

Ed Harrison, a consultant in Camilla, Ga, found CROWN RUST  in  oats yesterday.   Most of the newer oat varieties have been resistant to rust until this NEW strain came out this year.

This was confirmed by Dr. Ron (Barnett Oat Breeder UF Quincy) when I called him. His said that every commercial line has CROWN Rust this year in his plots.  A new strain of rust has won over the inbred resistance (Nature will overcome).

Check your fields if you find rust in the lower leaves then spray. (Click here to view spray guide)  This rust will get worst as the weather warms up and really hurt your yields.

Good Growing!

*Information obtained from 2013 (http// Georgia Pest Control Handbook and Intensive Wheat Management in Georgia.  As always follow label and dispose of empties properly.

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