Wheat Update: insect control

Most wheat and oats could use rain or irrigation now. Small grain planted on time  from Griffin Ga., south is entering the Feekes 10.1 stage or later (see Chart)  wheat head just poking through leaf sheath.  With wheat still over $6.00 on the CBOT it will pay to use one of the mixtures like Quilt, Stratego, Twinline, Propicanazole+Tebuconazole, or Headline should be used.  Add Aphid control if needed. (see Insect Control here).

You need to apply this spray between Feekes 10.3 and 10.5 for best head disease control.

Dr Steve Harrison, wheat breeder at LSU has an update (click here to view) that gives the best explanation I have seen on why we have such ragged wheat this year. Please take time to read this it will help you in planning you wheat planting this Fall. Land Grant Wheat breeders (UGA, LSU, NCS, UF, and UArk) have several hundred varieties that are tested each year for our areas climate and disease pressure.  They really need to be thanked for all they do for the Southern Farmer.

*Information obtained from 2012(http//www.caes.uga.edu/publications) Georgia Pest Control Handbook and Intensive Wheat Management in Georgia.  As always follow label and dispose of empties properly.

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