Wheat Update: freeze damage

A low area in a field in Plains taken on Monday.

Some of the stems are freeze damaged and will not recover.  Other tillers of the same plant will make wheat and this area will suffer some yield loss. This was a small low area and the rest of the field had very little damage.

I have checked oats and wheat from Plains to Donaldsonville and found damage only in the low areas, not in most of the field.  It appears damage occurred more from Camilla North.  At this time I think we have a very good wheat crop.  This will change if we get another cold snap.

The second photo is of Power Flex on large radish. Weeds can and will hurt your yields if not treated.

Thanks to Kevin Alford for the photo.

To make the most of your fields check for winter weeds and please consider using Harmony TotalSol or Power Flex. Wheat and WEEDS will grow a lot in the next week as weather continues to warm .

Please do not use 2-4-D this late in the growing season.

Good Growing!

Information obtained from 2011 Georgia Pest Control Handbook and Intensive Wheat Management in Georgia.  As always follow label and dispose of empties properly.

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